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Please be advised that Top Canna Clinic is a marketing agency and is not directly affiliated with the medical services provided by Alleviate Clinic. We do not employ any medical professionals nor do we provide medical advice, prescriptions, or any kind of medical evaluations. Our role is strictly limited to marketing and referring clients to Alleviate Clinic for telehealth services.

All medical scripts and consultations are solely provided by Alleviate Clinic, which is staffed by duly licensed and qualified doctors and healthcare practitioners. Top Canna Clinic is not involved in the doctor-patient relationship established between Alleviate Clinic’s staff and their patients. Any agreements, treatments, prescriptions, or services are a matter between the patient and Alleviate Clinic.

By using the services of Top Canna Clinic, you acknowledge that we receive a referral fee for introducing clients to Alleviate Clinic. This fee is for referral purposes only, and under no circumstances does it influence the medical advice, treatment, or care provided by Alleviate Clinic.

Patients are encouraged to perform their own due diligence and to ensure they are comfortable with the telehealth services provided by Alleviate Clinic. Top Canna Clinic does not accept any liability for medical services rendered or for the outcomes of any treatment or advice provided by Alleviate Clinic.

Your use of Top Canna Clinic’s referral service indicates your understanding and acceptance of the terms outlined in this disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns about the nature of our partnership with Alleviate Clinic or the services they provide, please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

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