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Having a prescription does not authorize you to drive while under the influence of THC. You can’t drive whilst you have any THC in your system. Testing positive for THC while driving can result in immediate loss of license.

It isn’t illegal to drive after consuming Cbd butit is important to know that many CBD products contain THC. Ensure that the CBD product or medication being consumed does not contain THC before driving.

Products containing THC and inhaled take effect immediately normally peaking after 30-60minutes. Cannabis oils, tinctures and edibles containing THC take longer to have an effect, usually 30-90 minutes, peaking within 2-4 hours. You could be considered impaired up to 8 hours after consuming.

Once you have been prescribed medical cannabis, you are legally allowed to travel within Australia with your medicine. However, you may not be able to travel outside of Australia with your medical cannabis, even if the country you're travelling to has legalised cannabis for medical or recreational use.

Medical cannabis is legal in Australia, and patients that have been prescribed cannabis can travel with their medicine like any other prescription.

Always keep your medicine in the original packaging complete with the prescription label. This label contains important information including details of the patient, authorised prescriber and dispensing pharmacy. It is also advisable to travel with a copy of your prescription if possible.

Patients can travel with prescribed medicines on planes, trains and any other form of transport. It is up to you whether you travel with your medicines in carry-on or checked luggage. Always check with the airline to make sure you are following the rules. Jet Star advises passengers to take at least a 1 week supply of medication in carry-on luggage in the event that checked luggage is lost or delayed.

If the directions for your prescription indicate that your medicine should be vaporised or inhaled, or you are prescribed a vaporiser cartridge, you are also allowed to travel with an approved vaporiser.


You may not be able to travel outside of Australia with your medical cannabis, even if the country to which you are travelling has legalised cannabis for medical or recreational use. Always check the laws of the country to which you are travelling.

Cannabis is illegal in most countries. If you travel internationally with any amount of cannabis in your possession, you could face serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad. You could be denied entry at your destination country if you have previously used cannabis or any substance prohibited by local laws. You could also be denied entry to other countries in the future.

For example, in Canada, cannabis is legal for adult use. However, it is illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border, whether you are entering or leaving the country. You could be charged with a criminal offence if you try to travel to other countries with any amount of cannabis in your possession. This applies to all countries, whether cannabis is legal there or not.


You might think having a prescription for medicinal cannabis entitles you to medicate in public spaces. Unfortunately, the reality is a little more nuanced than that.

Oral cannabis medicines, such as oils, tinctures and edibles, can be discreetly administered in public without causing a disturbance to others. Treat these medicinal cannabis formats like any other prescription medication. Inhalable cannabis medicines, on the other hand, are not always so discreet.

Let's get one thing clear, there is no medical justification for smoking cannabis, ever. Prescribed cannabis medicines should always be vaporised. Smoking cannabis medicines in public can and will draw the attention of law enforcement and can potentially irritate bystanders.


So what about vaping medicinal cannabis in public? While there are no specific laws that prohibit vaping medicinal cannabis in public, there are broader laws, such as public nuisance and disturbance, that may be used by law enforcement to prevent cannabis consumption in public spaces. The vapor from your medicine could technically pose a 'risk' to others while you are in public. Even in designated 'smoking areas', you may be asked to stop consuming cannabis medicines.

Always follow the instructions of law enforcement. Store your cannabis medicines in the original packaging and keep copies of your prescriptions for your records. Treat medical cannabis like any other prescription medication (store securely, and out of reach of children).



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Our cannabis clinic in Adelaide doctors will assess your suitability for alternative medicines, such as medical cannabis, and our Patient Care Team is there to make sure you are supported along the way.
Medical cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, weed, CBD oil, or THC, is legal, and people are searching for the best cannabis clinic in Adelaide that are authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis.
Back in 2017, when prescribing medicinal marijuana to patients was becoming known, very few trained and authorised doctors were comfortable with prescribing cannabis products like CBD oil, THC, or the dried flower.


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